Hearing Aids

About nine out of ten patients with hearing loss can be helped by hearing aids. Today’s digital devices are smaller and more powerful than ever, and include many state-of-the-art features designed to improve comfort, convenience and clarity. Acadian Hearing and Balance Center carries a full lineup of devices from the industry’s leading manufacturers, with options for a vast array of lifestyles and budgets. We are dedicated to helping those in the Lafayette and Acadiana area improve their quality of life through better hearing.

Hearing Aid Types

With the advent of digital technology more than 20 years ago, hearing aids have remarkably improved. If you’re picturing big and bulky devices with questionable sound quality, you’ll be pleased to learn today’s instruments are smaller, more comfortable and provide sound that is more natural. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles,…

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Implantable Devices

Implantable Hearing Devices Hearing aids are a boon to millions of Americans with hearing loss. But as well as they perform, they do have their limitations. They won’t work for all types of hearing loss, and some people find them too uncomfortable to wear or complain of the “occlusion effect” they produce in the ear.…

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Hearing Aid Manufacturers

We are committed to providing patients in need of amplification with a wide selection of digital hearing aids designed for all types of hearing loss, lifestyles and budgets. We believe quality products deliver the best solutions, and have partnered with the industry’s top manufacturers to ensure your hearing aids allow you to reconnect with friends…

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Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aids aren’t just available in a wide range of sizes and styles: nowadays, they can also accommodate a variety of accessories. Deciding which, if any, will benefit you can be tricky. You may want to speak with an audiologist at to learn more about any particular product. Some of the more popular hearing aid…

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Hearing Aid Services

Acadian Hearing and Balance Center offers comprehensive hearing aid services. Our team of licensed and board certified audiologists will test your hearing and then recommend a hearing aid based on your hearing loss and lifestyle. Every hearing aid comes with a 30-day trial period. If you find your devices are unsatisfactory for any reason, you…

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